Financial and Operational Turnarounds

We make a full analysis of the financial statements, cash flow from the incoming years projecting the sales, costs and investments.

Starting from the financial model, we define the main lines of costs that will be revised and lines of sales with more potential of growth in a way to guarantee the operational cost in the short term. With all this information, we can determine the need of cash flow for the next years so the company can prepare itself in advance to investments and for its needs of short term capital.

With the information ready, we begin the financial restructure of the company, advancing with the project for the BNDES or commercial banks and funds (FDICs). We develop all the debts restructuring with the calculation of capital enough to pay interests and the main debt.

We operate focused on middle market companies, physical assets as well real estate warranties to raise capital in a lower cost and higher period so they can get along with the cash flow of the company. Besides working with real estate warranties, we manage receipts as covering the cash flow to reduction of the financial cost to our client.